Want to SAVE MONEY when you travel in 2015?


A great article via Thrillist by Matt Kepnes covers some money saving tips for travel. The highlights for me include:

1. Use the Sharing Economy 

Not just AirBnB anymore! He provides many websites for sharing a variety of things with people while traveling. I’m especially interested in Vayable, and will be checking it out.

2. Stay for Free

I’m sure you’ve heard of Couchsurfing, but what about BeWeclome?

3. Fly on new budget airlines

A couple mentioned are WOW and Norwegian Air

4. Finally spend your points and miles 

Sites like FlyerTalk can give you loads of tips for traveling, including how to use your miles.

Other categories covered include:

5. Visit Cheap Countries

6. Buy Tourism Cards

7. Stop Paying Bank Fees

8. Use last minute deal apps for for flights and hotels 

9. Book cheap cruises and tours

10. Take a road trip 

Check out the full article! Here is to great travels in 2015!

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