In the Raw: Travel Solo

For a Truly Indulgent Vacation, Travel Solo, is a great article and I applaud that solo travel is finally on the rise! I know that for me, solo travel has been key for discovering who I am as an agent in this world. I am a product of having that privilege, beginning with when my family went on skiing vacations during the school year, and had me flying at a young age. As a family, we would go camping every year. I think my most powerful memories that kick started knowing myself was when they put me into summer camp in Ohio away from home many summers in a row. I would be the only girl from Georgia and every summer, I worked hard, trying to find my way while also making new friends. From getting bucked off a horse to wetting my bed in my cabin, and hiding it from my cabin mates before they woke up-those are the things that make life real, and when you really have to figure things out, and own it. I loved Fort Scott because even though it was very hard sometimes, it seared into my blood that I could be away from home without my family. While that isn’t the same as solo travel, it certainly was pivotal in paving the way for it.

Solo travel sometimes means going to another country and other times, it means hiking or biking or having dinner alone. Sitting with myself, and focusing on just being a better version of myself. I worry about those who never get time by themselves and for themselves because it is easy to get lost that world. I also worry about how the article says living solo is increasing at rapid rates, if that also correlates to people isolating themselves from others because after all, we are social creatures who are meant to be around others.

I know that in order to be a meaningful companion for others, I have to work on myself, and as social as I am, I am finding that my stamina for social activities is decreasing, and my desire to be by myself is increasing. With age, it seems to be more difficult to be as social as I use to be; at times, I find it exhausting. I am not sure of the cause, maybe it is because my career is very social and draining. I struggle because being there for others that are in my circle is still very important to me. At the same time, I yearn to travel more with companions than I use to in order to grab more meaningful memories with those close to me that I will never forget. One of my favorite things is experiencing someone else’s first time doing something or being somewhere new with them. Experiencing a journey from your own lens is one thing, but being able to share that with someone else is also very special, especially if they have never done it before.

When I look back on my life, some of my most intense, meaningful, and cherished memories are when I have been alone. When I consider my memories with family, friends, and partners, I could say the same, but I know that I couldn’t be who I am with the important people in my life without having gone through my solo travel.

I hope I continue the endeavor.

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