The Taste of Sour Grapes

While I’ve always wanted to write something like this, I’ve tried and it’s never managed to sound balanced enough for both sides to hear. Thank you to Brian and Shannon for putting this out there!

Most of us only get to choose one, though.

Everywhere Once

courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik

Resentment bubbles up in the strangest of places. This morning’s bit of bile comes, oddly enough, in the form of an attack on the practice of enjoying a late morning meal with friends.

“Brunch” I learned today “is for jerks.” At least that is what I thought I’d learn by reading a New York Times Sunday Review article by David Shaftel published under that exact title. What I learned instead is not what makes people who brunch jerks, because that is never really explained, but rather how obligations can sometimes make people petty and sour. 

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