GYRE, The Plastic Ocean, at the Anchorage Museum

Here are a few pictures from my visit to the Anchorage Museum today.

Gyre, The Plastic Ocean, is an enivornmental exhibit that features work from artists all over the world. The primary purpose is to educate people about the current situation of our oceans, specifically around plastic materials that are contaminating the marine ecosystems. I enjoyed the entire experience; while it contained sculptures made from reused plastic materials, it also had video, paintings, drawings, and multi-media pieces.

While we were there, we hit the other floors too as it was my friend Madara’s first visit and I hadn’t been in ages. Another amazing exhibit was Margo Klass who constructs shadow boxes that contain multi-media representations of all sorts of things. My favorite part was the Alaskan Book of Hours where her shadow boxes took us through all of the Alaskan seasons, specifically the solstice phases.

Cynthia Milet
Cynthia Milet



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