I Just Want To Get There Faster

P1040663The arms of my lover,

The outcomes of my goals,

The end of my ski or run,

2nd order change in schools,

My 4th continent,

The end of a book,

My ability to play a complete song on the mandolin without completely losing my patience.

Sometimes, I just want to get there faster. I just want. Do you know what I mean?

I have a bumper sticker on my refrigerator that reads “WANT LESS”, and true, while I bought it to remind me of the addictive disease known as consumerism, lately, I’ve been looking at to remind me to calm down about wanting in general.

Yesterday, I presented at the ASTE (Alaska Society for Technology in Education) conference to educators and leaders from all over Alaska and Hawaii. Given the rewarding experience that it was for me professionally, as I was speaking, part of me realized that I needed to hear my message just as much as my audience. I needed the reminder that Daniel Pink is so very right about how to promote motivation and engagement:

We need:




A rigorous journey…..is that what we all crave? I love my journey, but at times, I want to shout out that I do want the success and I want it right now-without earning it, without the journey.

An older woman leaned into me at the end of our discussion, and said, “Thanks. I need the validation that I’m doing some things right, but that I’ve still got a lot of room for improvement.”

I said, “I know exactly what you mean.”

Group Ski Fun!
Group Ski Fun!

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