Blueberries and Fall Hiking

View from Near Point
View from Near Point

My memories of intense blueberry picking many years ago aren’t that great so as a result, I’m not really into it. I don’t like leaning over with my face in the ground, wearing every piece of clothing I own to avoid mosquitoes. Typically, I’d last about an hour, and be ready to throw in the bag. I’d have a small bucket and be just fine with that because in reality, I don’t need a ton of blueberries; I’d start making things I don’t need to eat like homemade blueberry cobbler. That’s freaking grubbin, but I have a beer tooth, a salt tooth, and even a salad tooth; I don’t really need a sweet one as well.

I’ve forgotten though, that the best time to go blueberry picking is in the fall, just before the freeze. The past few berry seasons up here in Alaska haven’t been that great due to weather differentiations as well as a moth infestation, but this season, despite further weird weather patterns, they did quite well.

View of Cook Inlet
View of Cook Inlet

Near Point, one of my favorite nearby hikes in Anchorage, offers some of the best linkages to other trails in our system, views, and also blueberries in the fall! I didn’t carry containers for the hike because they weren’t on my mind, but we stumbled across some glorious carpets of blueberries, perfect for eating. I ate a few handfuls, wishing I had brought something to take a bit back with me for my smoothies. It was great because the fall colors are out and I knew we were catching them just before the first freeze, when most of them die until next season.

Climbing Near Point

The week prior, I was on another hike behind Flattop, another famous peak near Anchorage, moving up Rabbit Lakes Trail. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera. I went up Ptarmigan Peak until the wind got the best of me, but there too, I stumbled upon perfect blueberries. There is something great about sitting on the side of a mountain, facing Mother Earth’s fall face, and eating right from her palm.

This fall has a been a kind reminder to be thankful.

Me on Near Point, in the middle of blueberries!
Me on Near Point, in the middle of blueberries!

Despite getting sick from being out and about, I’m going to do my best to soak up more fall because old man winter is on its way! The Autumn Equinox is upon us and this week will be a perfect time to catch the moon.

 Winter is coming! The view from my backyard.
Winter is coming! The view from my backyard.

Cheers! I hope you all are grabbing some fun this fall, and celebrating the equinox!

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