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Grabbing the Interior Fall Beauty of Denali National Park, Alaska

September 10, 2013

One of my favorite places on the planet is interior Alaska in the fall and this year, it did not let us down! With less bugs, and fewer people, September is the best time to visit the park.  Despite the horrendous bouts of rain we’ve been having all over the state, my friend Erin and I managed to snag one of the best days this past weekend. That night, we enjoyed some peaceful camping in the rain.

Moose near Savage Creek

Moose near Savage Creek




Sable Pass, elevation 3900

Sable Pass, elevation 3900






Of course, I had to visit the 49th State brewery for the first time. Unfortunately, they were out of their newest concoctions that I hadn’t tried before so I settled for the Solstice IPA.

It still stuns me how exploring Alaska never gets old. Being in the interior this weekend was yet another reminder of why I love living here. Even when things don’t go exactly as planned, you still have such an easy time making glorious memories!

Hope you’re grabbing some natural beauty wherever you’re at!

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  1. Such absolutely stunning scenery. I can see why people visit Alaska. If it weren’t so danged cold all the time, I’d love to visit.

    • Laura Hilger permalink

      Thank you! It’s really not as cold as you think :-). Chicago, on average, is way colder than Anchorage, but you’re right, the interior can be brutal in the winter! Hope you’re well.

  2. Laura, These are spectacular photos! I love the caribou and moose – what great shots. You’ve convinced me I need to get ther in the fall. All the best, Terri

    • Laura Hilger permalink

      Thanks so much Teri! It really is the best time and the crowds aren’t bear as bad. Hope you make it happen and that y’all are enjoying Poland!

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