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Dipnet Fishing in the Kasilof River of Alaska

July 15, 2013

While dipnetting is reserved for state residents only, fishermen and women of all kinds can appreciate the work involved on a typical dipnetting trip! Among other things that it takes:

  • Lots of strange gear for standing in cold water
  • Handling and transporting an expensive, HUGE net used to catch the salmon, mainly during the incoming tides
  • Camping gear for staying on the sandy beach, typically combat style where you are sharing the space with many other people because the dipnetting windows of summer are popular
  • Patience to deal with the salmon run itself and all of the people, dogs, noise, idiocy, 4 wheelers, etc. around you. This last trip, we even had fireworks thrown in just for an extra bonus; I’ve been dipnetting many times, but that was a new one for me.
  • Lack of sleep due to the above and the crazy tide schedule

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things, but with that list also comes these benefits:

  • Epic weather full of brilliant, mind-blowing sunrises and sunsets
  • Humor and laughter, and lots of it to help with the patience factor
  • Drinking and Eating on a strange schedule-I like when I can just do whatever, whenever
  • Conversations with folks of all types. Dipnetting brings out the rednecks, but it also brings together a mixture of all types of people, many ethnicities, all of which love eating fish so we at least have that in common.
  • And of course, beautiful Sockeye salmon!





That's right, a smoothie for breakfast-car camping technology

That’s right, a smoothie for breakfast-car camping technology

Dipnetters in action!

Dipnetters in action!

Eagle hanging out on shore

Eagle hanging out on shore


My dipnetting partner and friend Mo

My dipnetting partner and friend Mo

Check out my other entries on fishing in Alaska.

And for all anglers out there, hope you are grabbing a great catch soon!

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  1. Looks fun. I am a bit stressed about getting fish this year!

    • Laura Hilger permalink

      Ha, I believe you know a place in Anchorage that throws sharing parties when ever you need them, but yes, we are running out of prime fishing times!

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