Spring Snow and a Salmon Run Race

So, I know I live in Alaska, but it never snows in May. Even the born and raised locals around here are beginning to wonder where spring is! Even so, people showed up ready to run this morning at the 2013 Salmon Run! It wasn’t that cold once we started moving. I’ve been gradually moving up to 100% training in minimalist shoes and this year, I threw out my regular shoes. It’s been an interesting transition and this would be my first race in them. I met both of my goals: run the entire race from toe to heel and make my time.  Success!

My driveway, May 4th
My driveway, May 4th

The crowd came out eventually!

What are you up to this spring?

4 thoughts on “Spring Snow and a Salmon Run Race

    1. Awesome! I can’t wait to work in my yard, although it’s going to happen later this year for sure!

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