5 Ways to Feed the Nomad Within You

I can’t find the right word:

  • Suppress?
  • Postpone?
  • Calm?

Sometimes, I feel like this tree in the picture I took while in Spain, growing beautifully, but stuck in the cement at the same time. What do you do when you are craving travel or adventure, but can’t really do the kind you want to do at this particular point in your calendar? Here, I’ve managed to come up with some of my temporary fixes, ways I venture while still stuck in the cement. In a way, these celebrate my daily existence, and the beautiful life I have, but they also truly are therapeutic for my nomad soul. In no particular order,

Chena Hot Springs Bike Race
Chena Hot Springs Bike Race


This one is particularly good because it’s cheap and easily accessible. Following a run or ride or whatever makes me feel like I’ve gone farther than I truly have, but more importantly, it gives me more internal space to appreciate what I do have.


Cinque Terre, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy

I love the world of blogging for many reasons; I love blogging as the genre that it is because it is the journal of someone’s life, but instead, it’s the journal of many lives; you are exposed to several at once so that your entire blog library can become a trip around the world. One of my favorite aspects is the fact that on any given day, when I log in to WordPress, I know I’m going to get at least two things:

1. A glimpse at another part of the world, and usually, there is way more than one on international contexts

2. I’m going to be exposed to experiences  filtered through their perspectives by my perspective……



I can’t say that I win costume contests nor that I’ve always wanted to, but I have always been into Halloween, costumes, being silly, doing something that isn’t necessarily socially acceptable in public, etc. Just stripping myself of the norm for a moment, and getting outside of what is expected makes me feel like I’ve taken a small journey. It loosens people up, and these days, we could all use a bit less stress and way less of a wall.


Heading out of Homer, AK
Heading out of Homer, AK

I can’t complain-can you? Can you really complain about your life, on an authentic level? I just went fishing 70 miles outside of Homer, AK in incredible weather to a place I’ve never been where I caught a type of fish that I’ve never caught. Sometimes though, I think this particular solution makes me more restless because I want more and more.


Given that the best learning is through experience, especially new experiences, like you, I have my supplemental vitamins that get me through the in-between. Music. Books. Movies. Global News. I’ve always been into spoken word, rhetoric, and lecture-type material, but the latest rage on “Ted Talks” is right up my alley as well. All of these literary venues provide all kinds of adventures and escapes right at your finger tips!

Now, none of these is as good as me doing it for myself, the firsthand variety, but I struggle with making it happen as often as I would like. Spring is the toughest for me because I get both slammed and restless at work. I can’t concentrate because of all of the AK light. The hours seem to scream at me to get thrilled, and yet, I’m grinding at my leftover life goals outside of travel and adventure, and while I know those goals are good for me, I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel, which means I can already verbalize the lessons learned from said goals. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to finish them, but I can’t help fidget about what is remaining. So really, I just have spring fever-no big deal; it just seems like it’s a bit more intense than usual this year.

What would be on your list? Thanks for stopping by and Happy Spring!

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Feed the Nomad Within You

  1. Great advice on breaking those barriers down. Its also really funny how much exercise effects mood. I was sick for a week, and even when I got better I had more negative thoughts because I wasn’t exercising. Nice post!

    1. Thanks George, yes, so true! Really enjoyed your tips on the Boulder area-keep them coming. I haven’t been to that area yet, but it’s on the list!

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