What is this about?

It’s ridiculous, my state of writing these days. I have something like 8 drafts cooking on subjects that range from insomnia to living in Fairbanks, AK to wining it up in Italy. I just got done staring at all of them-again. And again, not cooking with my soul.

Even though I know that they will get finalized eventually, I really prefer those drafts that bust out of me like a hard workout. Those that maybe take me a few moments to sketch out in my mind before I’m drafting on a run that won’t stop. It reminds me of my poetry days. It reminds me of why I started digging writing in the first place. I still do have that daunting goal of writing an actual book one day, but because I’m not a huge fan of long form, I kind of crack up every time I consider it. I run away. My preferences have always been with shorter forms such as poems, essays, memoirs, journals. Even when it comes to books, I love the novella. I imagine that if I ever do write that book, it’s going to be a compilation of sorts rather than a novel. Short, I realize, doesn’t necessarily mean quick in creation, but I find that I gravitate to those genres more often.

Earlier I went for a ski to debrief some of my day and I knew that today’s ski was going to be more about me thinking about my work and writing than me enjoying my ski. I went anyway. I just read another blogger who was writing about how she writes the honest truth first, and whether or not she publishes that version is irrelevant because she has learned that publishing isn’t the point-being authentic is the point. I guess the difference with me is that I’m just going to throw this out there, in all of its lameness in tribute to the art form of writing. It really is…..so hard sometimes.

The good news is that on my ski, I was able to successfully debrief and I ran into some friendly moose! I got to watch the calf chow down next to momma and they walked across my ski path to eat on the other side. Even though I’ve lived here awhile, watching moose just doesn’t get old. My ski turned out to be brilliant and as I was gathering my things to drive away, this guy asked me how it was on the trails and I started rambling about the conditions, and talking about the moose that I saw and he was thankful and eager to get going himself. People just sharing cheer.

Sometimes, the simplicity that we need is what we should write about, on those days when simplicity is our medicine.

7 thoughts on “What is this about?

  1. 8 things busting out is good. You know, of course, that your mind still chews on them while you ski, so that final drafts will flow when your head is ready.

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