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When the Snow Won’t Come to You, Go to the Snow

January 4, 2013


So, I’ve mentioned earlier that winter hasn’t been that great thus far in Alaska-not anywhere. We did have a killer week of great skiing conditions and weather last week, but then Mother Nature decided to spank us with warm temps, rain, and wind. In our neck of the woods, we call this “unreasonably warm conditions” for this time of year and they are happening more and more each year. Global warming is a fact for sure.

I can see my lawn.

But, the Anchorage area has a lot to offer, and when the snow isn’t around, you can usually go find some, especially in the nearby suburbs or little gem areas like Hatcher’s Pass and Eklutna. Many visitors, locals even, tend to bypass these areas, maybe because they are a “commute” and the locals of Las Anchorage, as its called by other areas of the state, are spoiled. I’m not sure why because they are some of my favorite areas. P1030484

Today, I ventured out to Hatcher’s Pass and not only was the skiing great, but I was surprised by the added bonus of having the sun in my face, which is rare this time of year. She was shining down on many sections of the trail so I couldn’t help but take some shots.

Archangel Rd. Hatcher’s Pass

Archangel Rd. can be opened or closed to snowmachines, depending on the weather. When it’s closed, skiers are out in full force at times. You can take it back to a nice valley, view of a creek, and the back side of the Hatcher’s area.


Today, the temps were around 35 F! I had to unzip and take some layers off.

Shadow Games

Shadow Games

They lay tracks for classic skiing, and then groom the center for skate skiing.


Skiing on the way back on a good day, you get to take in the sun and the valley. P1030496

Returning home, I enjoyed a coffee and some new tunes. I spoke to a local during a pit stop and he was grinning with glee about the Palmer conditions saying, “Yeah, we hear you Anchorage folks are bagging the snow, and taking it back with you.”

It was all good though because I was there to enjoy it right there with him. It made up for seeing my lawn again when I returned to my driveway this evening.

I hope everyone out there is enjoying some winter fun!

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  1. allthingsgeography1 permalink

    Reblogged this on All Things Geography.

  2. Mama permalink

    More beautiful pictures! You should look in to publishing a coffee table book of these pictures. They really are good. Maybe Matthew can branch out.

  3. Laura Hilger permalink

    Thanks! I will think about that for sure! I want to take a class as well!

  4. Looks beautifully cold up there!

    • Laura Hilger permalink

      It is Jean! The winter is something to ponder, embrace, and be in awe about all at the same time. Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to reading your stuff.

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