What is the true cost of travel?

If you know what you want in life, you make things happen. This has become a fact for my life. It is also true for everyone else that’s in it-if that is true. It’s good to know what you want; that’s some of the best advice for life that I’ve ever gotten. The other day while facebooking, I saw a poster that went something like this: Are you Happy? Yes-Keep going. No-Change something.

Call me selfish, but people need to be more selfish because if we aren’t taking care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others and the more I’m looking around, the more I’m finding people who are bogged down by what everyone else wants or needs. While it’s true that we all go through lows, negative therapy sessions, positive ones, and so forth, sometimes, we get into ruts that we can’t get ourselves out of, and before we know it, there is our life. Those ruts are it. Why do we say that life is about taking care of ourselves, but then not do it? Why do people find it necessary to surrender to this settling of sorts?

No thanks. The beauty about knowing what you want is that you also become very skilled at reducing the amount of bullshit that you must deal with; you can’t always control how much you encounter, but you can certainly reduce how much you have to endure. I’m no expert as I’ve put up with more than I should have in several chapters. I also have both positive and negative strategies that I use regularly when I’m negotiating the areas of my life where I’m not sure what I want. I too don’t always know, but I guess I’m getting real good at stripping the hot messes away so that I’m more focused on figuring out what counts. And sometimes, that doesn’t coincide with what someone else around wants of me or from me and that’s o.k. Most of the time, I find that the people in my life are willing to deal with this selfishness, as long as our relationship is healthy and fruitful to the level that we want it to be-be it a family member, a lover, a friend, a colleague, etc. Life is about finding your own balance, and allowing others the right to seek it.

So if we want, we can get anywhere. We can put the effort towards the savings account and the arrangements. Even if we are just planning for an out-of-town retreat from our current circle of routines, the same preparations apply.When we are getting ready, whether we are in the last-minute club, or the one that takes months, the energy builds around what we are about to experience, and even though we don’t know what that really means, we still want to share it with others. Is it because we simply met the goal of making it happen? We have reached a threshold of clarity? Or, are we just embracing, finally, our need to be selfish, and all the excitement that comes with that? Many emotions spin around during the prelude to a trip!

San Francisco/2006

Have you ever wondered why people do more talking about the planning than they do about the actual experiences? One of my previous entries “Travel-meet me. Me-this is Travel” talks about how it is so hard to write and talk about our own travel experiences with true depth. Communication that goes beyond what we’ve learned for ourselves so that others get something from it too isn’t easy. Sometimes, this is why I prefer speaking with someone before they go because they are so in tuned with what they want and how to share that with others. Everything is very crystal clear to that person, and it isn’t because they have everything planned out for when the plane hits the tarmac; in fact, the opposite is usually the case. They just seem to have this unbreakable spirit of glee because while preparing, they have figured out, again, that it’s all going to work out and be this fortuitous journey that they need. This prelude sharing can turn into huge lessons for anyone who wants to listen because it usually can’t be about where they are going so it gets to the true whys and hows of life-a snapshot of some kind of perfection.

Yea, maybe I’m blowing it all out of proportion. My seriousness can bleed too thickly, but I know this for sure: the true cost of travel or the journey isn’t about sacrificing or compromising, nor the financial means. It costs you selflessness, unbalance, and the gut reality that you won’t ever do anything right until you know what you want.

That sounds like a spanking good deal to me because it gets you, ultimately, what you need out of life so cheers to figuring that out! Ready, set, get something going!

Thanks for reading, sharing, liking, commenting, and reflecting.

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