Winter in Alaska, Various Shots

I’ve been wanting to go through my seasonal photography, and post some tours through the years. It will probably take me forever to be satisfied with this type of post, but it has been fun looking through all of my albums.

Eagle River, AK/2008

My dad and brother were visiting and we went for a very cold hike in the woods, but it was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was a perfect day for landscape photography as well. Good memories of having my family around to share this magical place!

Barber Cabin Ski Trip/2011

Barber Cabin rests along Russian Lakes, just outside of Coopers Landing, south of Anchorage. We were lucky enough to have super clear weather, but again, it was bone chilling cold the entire time.

Russian Falls area, Alaska
Russian Lakes, Alaska
Russian River Falls
Russian River

Refuge Skiing/2012

These shots were taken with my friend Sophie, as we trudged our way across sections of the Refuge, in Anchorage, Alaska. Another gorgeous day! You can see the ranges in the distance; I also love the trail lines as they appear to be busting through the earth, causing quakes as they grow.

Refuge, Anchorage
Refuge, Anchorage

Anchorage Sunrise/2012

This one was taken just outside my home in the city; the sunrises are typically pretty epic around here.

I’ll be back to add more to my Winter in Alaska photo album over the years. Thanks for stopping by!

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