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Outliving Your Funeral Home

September 3, 2014

The other day, I found out my great Aunt Sue, 104, has outlived her funeral home; she actually has to figure out another option for her burial desires! The best part is that she comprehends this, and with a little help on seeing the numbers on a phone, she could probably make a lot of the rearrangements herself. Somehow, that is both hilarious and miraculous at the same time!

I’ve got a long way to go, but I hope I too outlive my funeral home. While I don’t plan on having arrangements at a funeral home, I like the concept because that is some proof in the pudding that you did something right.

Along our journeys, we must find those moments that we make happen that are the reasons we have a chance at outliving our funeral homes and we owe ourselves, and those we spend our time with, very deep gratitude for those times. Just the other day, I had one of them, and while we were only celebrating a 40 year marker, it was a trip of a lifetime.

I know I don’t have it all figured out, but on most days, I wake up with a smile, and I go to bed with one too and I know that it’s these memories that help me push for more and more time on Mother Earth.

Here is to all of us outliving our funeral homes!

Cheers! I hope all had a lovely Labor Day weekend!




Fishing for rainbows at Russian River, AK

Fishing for rainbows at Russian River, AK

Canyon Floating

On the Prowl as we head into Skilak Lake

On the Prowl as we head into Skilak Lake

Skilak Lake

Skilak Lake

Rock Island lunch Picnic

Rock Island lunch Picnic

Crossing Skilak Lake

Crossing Skilak Lake

Blue Bird and Rainbows!

Blue Bird and Rainbows!


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  1. Love all the rainbow pics. Congrats to your great aunt, too! How awesome.

  2. Outliving your funeral home – what a concept – and one I’ve never considered Laura. I’m sure that Aunt Sue was a bit frustrated, but I guess that at her age you don’t sweat the small stuff – and in the end, it’s all small stuff. ~James

    • So true James! It’s insane for me to even try to understand her perspective, but I’m glad I’ve got good genes in the family! Safe travels James!

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