Trivial Pursuits for Creativity

rules-of-creators-life-771x1024It astounds me how many beautiful people put out their creativity all over the internet. Some are answering their calling and their calling is driving them mad, pouring out of them with ferocious screams of a child and the pace of a firing squad.

My friend Madara Mason is a painter and she has it; her work beckons me to daydream, remember the fun of storytelling, and ponder my imagination. My college friend Fady Joudah is a poet and he has it as well. His work requires reflection, critical thinking, and asks you to consider the role of activism for our world, not to mention human rights. Neither of these artists need to agree with how I process their creativity; they have a need to be creative, and possibly for others to gain something from their perspectives.

Some have it? Some don’t? No, I believe–I know that we all have it. To question whether we are creative or not isn’t the point of life; our job is to allow it to happen when it’s the right time. Our job is to cultivate it as we can, and to inspire others to do the same. Those that go to small rooms, with just a dingy lamp, and some paper to argue with their creativity are in pure agony or pure joy, depending on how you look at it. Either way, they are doing that because they have to-it’s just time to lock themselves in the room, and not come out until they are creatively exhausted. They may live a life where that is a regular occurrence because they have no choice.

The level at which we find it varies, but it’s there, and for many of us, it festers when it reaches the surface, the result of which is of pure joy. Sometimes, it’s like that emotion you have kept buried or hidden for so long, and once it is finally released to the audience of its dreams, there is no going back. You think, this. is. it. I have finally figured out how to maintain it, but a week later, you’re back into the same routine. It’s gone again.

I’ve noticed recently that it’s harder for me to find my creativity, or better yet, deal with it and I wonder why that is the case, but then I notice like with many things, it will come and go, but only if I let it. As it always has, it lives through: Writing. Music. Expression. Recreation. Photography.Work. Communication. Cooking. I have found that me looking for and finding my creativity in all of the facets of my life, whether boisterous or minute, helps me realize that it is flowing; it’s just meeting me where I’m at. It reminds me that creativity is my constant fuel of sorts. Somebody cool once said that creativity requires courage, and while I may not be at the same creative levels as Madara or a Fady, nothing close actually, I know that keeping a pulse on my creativity, and where it is currently living and breeding makes for more empathy as well as a stronger threshold for all the challenges in life.




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