A Life Motto and Creativity

Ha, as I struggle writing my post about creativity and the irony of it all, I’ve been randomly posting things that are catching my attention.

Ruth Branum, 104, is on the left, and is with her sisters who are also over 100. I think I’m going to steal Ruth’s life motto:

“My motto in life has been, ‘I would rather wear out than rust out.'”




One thought on “A Life Motto and Creativity

  1. I have never heard of paying for ienretnt by the megabytes…Thats insane…Sheesh…When I lived there we had GCI but I never saw the bills because it was paid for through the church, so most likely it was by the megabyte and I never knew it:p I hope this all gets a little more stress free soon! And itsn’t funny how you start to crave running after you’ve been doing it for a bit, LOVE IT!

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