A Music Lover’s Favorite Albums in 2013

First, a couple of disclaimers:

1. Not all of these albums were released in 2013; some of them came from my music research and discovery, and others simply came off my “to get” list and I actually finally got them.

2. I’m not a music critic specialist so to save you from me ranting, I’ve tried to be succinct on the whys of my choices.

I hope you check ones out that maybe you don’t know yet, or respond about ones you do, and enjoy!

In no particular order:

indexBlow Up (Colombia)

Bomba Estereo (Colombia), Released 2009

Genre: Electric beats, Dance (Columbian rhythm)

*Straight up dance influence

*I like some of the electronic music coming out of central/south America, but this is one album I like to listen to all the way through.


Debut (L.A.), Released 2012

Genre: Garage surf

*Simple yet resonating lyrics

*Fun beats

index An Awesome Wave

Alt-J’s Debut (United Kingdom), Released 2012

Genre: British Indie Rock

*Unique  and Experimental Sound

*Puts me in a good mood every time


Wilde Belle’s Debut (Chicago), Released 2013

Genre: American Indie Rock

*Female/Male siblings that features her voice

*Honest and raw lyrics from a female’s gut

TBT-Blue-Sky-Cover-220x220Blue Sky and the Devil

Trampled by Turtles (Minnesota), Released 2005

Genre: Straight Up Bluegrass

*A bluegrass band that actually has variety in their lyrics

*Real get down and boogie bluegrass, kind of competes with Greensky Bluegrass for me

*A-MAZING mandolin player (Erik Berry)


Rhye‘s Debut (L.A.), Released 2013

Genre: Lounge R&B

*She (Milosh) has a alto/soprano combination that is sexy and perfect

*Instrumentalist Robin Hannibal mixes a combination of styles that are super fun

cd-made-possibleMade Possible

The Bad Plus (Minnesota), Released 2012

Genre: Jazz

*I usually try to discover jazz that is new to me each year that I like, and usually, I fail, but thanks to my little brother, I now know about these guys. I can’t believe I’m just getting to them. They are astounding, shocking, unpredictable, modern, epic…

*I want to see them live so badly!!!!! If you don’t know them and like crazy jazz, just go listen to them.

1341188456_Room_of_Mirrors_defRoom of Mirrors

Kekko Fornarelli (Italy), Released 2011

Genre: Jazz Piano

*Speaking of jazz, I’m also always trying to find good jazz pianists that I can listen to for longer than 1-2 songs. Kekko does this for me. Like Keith Jarrett, although probably not the same caliber of talent yet, Kekko has won me over.

*Plus, he’s Italian. What’s not to like?

doughty-hm_screenHaughty Melodic

Mike Doughty (Kentucky), Released 2005

Genre: “alternative”/Indie Rock

*There’s Soul Coughing and then there is Mike Doughty, he can stand alone

*He makes me dance and that is always good

00602537136599Home Again

Michael Kiwanuka’s Debut (United Kingdom), Released 2012

Genre: Acoustic soul and mellow funk

*He is keeping Bill Withers and Otis Redding alive!

*Bursting with soulful talent

indexSeasons of  Your Day

Mazzy Star (Santa Monica), Released 2013

Genre: Ambient/Acoustic

*People started copying her genre so she came back!

a1870626778_2Canary Island

Houndstooth (Portland), Released 2013

Genre: Indie Rock

*Another cool sounding woman

*I like how it takes you all over musically

Music is so incredible. I’ll stop there, but this has been a fun post for me. Hope all of you out there are enjoying some tunes!

2 thoughts on “A Music Lover’s Favorite Albums in 2013

  1. Laura, this is a great list! I was familiar with a few of the artists (love Michael Kiwanuka), but you’ve introduced me to so many new albums – perfect listening for this weekend. Thanks! ~Terri

    1. Thanks! Great, love sharing new music with folks-such a joy of our lives! Let me know what you think, and feel free to send me some cool international stuff as you find it.

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