How to ring in the New Year like an Alaskan

Happy New Year to all of my followers and fellow bloggers! I hope you meet all of your 2014 goals, and do it surrounded by love, peace, and happiness! I know 2014 has begun, but for future reference, here are my tips for how to ring in the New Year like an Alaskan:

1. Unlike me, make sure your camera settings are ready to go! I missed out on some good shots messing with mine in the moment.

2. Get a bunch of your good friends together that like to ski.

Us getting geared up!
Us getting geared up!

3. Prepare an assortment of bevis: hot/cold, liquor, cider, and even some Prosecco for the actual toast. Before you set out, don’t forget to partake in some light dip snacking, potluck style. We had salmon dip, hummus, crab dip, hot brie, and guacamole. Make sure to accommodate for all of the variations in lifestyles/diets that your friends need in order to be energized for the ski!


4. Bring along your shotski; if you don’t own a SHOTSKI, buy one or get one ready. This is easy to do; all you need is a lightweight ski that you’re no longer using, velcro, and shot glasses. This style makes it easier for transporting because one person can haul the ski while another carries the glasses, and another carries the booze.

6 Shot Shotski, New Years Toast!
6 Shot Shotski, New Years Toast!

5. Because your main objective is to ski, don’t drink too much; instead, get your heart rate up a bit, but stop along the way for another toast.

6. Have some kind of mobile music system to take along so that you can rock out while you ski, and still have conversations with everyone because you don’t have to deal with headphones. We had a remote speaker system tied to a phone.

7. During your stops, take in the beautiful scenery and weather.




7. Bring fireworks to have more fun!




8. While returning home, continue to have lots of fun and laugh often, during the thrills, but also during the spills!

9. Once you’re home, share pictures, eat and drink a bit more, talk as a group about how awesome it was, and consider doing that at least once a year, maybe for New Years again, but birthdays too!

Cheers! I’m thankful for the life I have, and am hopeful for it to get even better in 2014! Wishing the same for all of you. Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “How to ring in the New Year like an Alaskan

    1. Yes Kitt, we had a blast. It actually was warmer than it looks-no wind, easy temps and fast snow. Hope your holidays are going well too!

  1. That sounds like the perfect way to ring in the new year! I’ll be in Alaska next New Year’s Eve and I may have to steal this idea 🙂

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