A Tiny Rant On Mudflap Girl Stickers

indexWhat’s Up with THAT?

Do you ever find yourself questioning other people’s behaviors or things? Not really judging, but wondering what it is exactly they are thinking? This isn’t about political opinions or religious beliefs-no this post, which may turn into a regular thing, is dedicated instead to those basic pet peeves and annoyances that I have stumbled across on a regular basis. By that I mean, I don’t really get it, and there is no real solution to them in the near future; they are here to stay.

I’m sure you have your own list as well.

For something to make the What’s Up with THAT cut, I have placed rules on myself, just so I’m keeping it under control, at least publicly. Here they are:

1. I must have been exposed to the said annoyance throughout much of my life, and in different environments

2. It has to be something that other people have pondered in my presence as well (just so I know I’m not alone in this thinking)

3. I must have asked someone who practices the pet peeve What’s Up with THAT, which resulted in a continuing lack of understanding on my part

So, the first thing I want to discuss is Mudflap Girl Stickers.


I get it: humans want to bump and grind each other :-). It’s one of the few things that most of us can all agree on! While many of us may walk around with a porn, a significant other, or fantasy rolling in our minds, most of us can refrain from advertising it in public; we share it with others when needed, if needed. Or, we don’t. Either way, I get that desire or the need to procreate is a common trait. I’m not judging people for that or the ways they seek it out. This isn’t about how much I loathe men who have mudflap girl stickers on their cars…..I just don’t get it.

The dude who invented that sticker in order to sell truck accessories in the 70’s-I don’t get him either, but let’s face it, he took that advertising campaign and got way more bang for his buck because it’s 2013 and yep, we still have mudflap girl stickers. Everywhere. In fact, I think it’s growing, at least in Alaska. Granted, there have been parody versions such as the one reading the book to promote libraries, and of course, the LGBT community has also done their fair share of twists, but I don’t ever see those. In my world, it’s always the mudflap girl with big tits and no waist.

I know that I don’t need men or women to advertise their sexual preferences in that location. My note to these guys would be that it’s clear when you are socializing.

So why the sticker then? When they place those stickers on their car, what are they thinking in that moment? Are they paying tribute to the vessel that they worship? Do they honestly feel that it represents sexy? Do they believe that it’s a sign of respect? What is the statement that they are trying to make?

If I was that guy’s mother who had a bunch of mudflap girl stickers on his car, I’d for sure question him as his mother. I also know that if I met a guy in some random situation and I discover that he has mudflap girl stickers on is car, no offense, but basically, not interested. Period. Further, girls who ride with those guys who have those stickers on their car, I don’t really get you either, and while I know I don’t need to understand, a little piece of me still wonders what that’s all about.

Mudflap Girl stickers were everywhere on my way out to a hike via the Glenn Highway yesterday. I’ll refrain from discussing all of the stereotypes surrounding the suburbs of Anchorage, but on the flip side, I did get to see some moody fall views on my hike.

Arctic Valley
Arctic Valley

2 thoughts on “A Tiny Rant On Mudflap Girl Stickers

  1. hi there! so i realize that this was written last year but i was googling around first of all to find out what these stickers were, and then to find out why the hell people had them. I’m 17 years old and I’m full of questions haha. i asked my boyfriend about it and he replied to me saying “its not really a big deal its just represents a clothing line or something, although i wouldn’t use one” all i could think at that time was, wow those people are pervs… anyways thank you literally put all my thoughts into words, i love this.

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