27 Golden Rules to becoming a Master Traveler via Nomadic Matt

I’ve been poaching off people on a variety of topics lately, but I’m only trying to share the best of what I read. Recently,I joined up with Nomadic Matt and he is full of amazing information when it comes to traveling.

The following article made me ponder my habits of the past, what I’ve learned, and what I could still do to help myself become a master traveler. That journey is going take awhile for me, and maybe I won’t ever get there, but I felt pretty good about this list, especially my packing habits and my absolute love for hostels-even to this day, I will always prefer that mode of accomodations over any other while in another country. Simple advice really, but I’ve met a lot of people who would refuse to do most of this list, and others that just need to hear it. For me, I haven’t explored the couchsurfing community yet and I for sure don’t take advantage of tourist boards. Check it out, there might something you could add to your traveling habits that will make your life that much better while on the go.

nomadic matt's golden rules of travel

27 Golden Rules For Not Ruining Your Trip and Becoming a Master Traveler | Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site.

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