Your Passion Breeds Success

courtesy of the Griffin Poetry Prize
courtesy of the Griffin Poetry Prize

Previously, I wrote about The Journey of a Writer where I spoke about dedication as well as my friend Fady Joudah. He and Palestinian poet Ghassan Zaqtan were selected for the 2013 Griffin Poetry Prize , which is considered a top award in the world for poets. All of the writers who make the shortlist are invited to an annual event held in Canada, where the writers read from their works, and the prize winners are announced.

This is great honor for them and I’m sure it makes Palestinians proud, as it should!

It is a tribute to all of his hard work and I’m so happy for him. If you’re out there trying to publish, and are having a passionate battle with your words, keep it up because you never know what can happen.

For those that have goals, people define success differently. Whatever you’re focusing on with passion, I applaud you. It’s exciting for me to be surrounded by people who are dedicated to their life goals, both in my live life as well as my network of bloggers. The more people who are working in the realm of passion, the better the planet. Cheers!

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