What Do You Do To Get Your Spring On?

It’s April 8th! What are you doing this spring? I hope this finds you basking in the sun. With your spring, maybe you’ve been on your deck or porch, writing while drinking your favorite libation or rehydrating with an ice tea. Maybe you’ve been jogging in such hot weather, that all you have to wear is a tank top and some shorts. You might have taken a stroll to the park or maybe you went running through the sprinklers. Your recent vacation involved your suit, sunscreen, and surf.

In Alaska, we are having our spring too……just yesterday,my sister posted that she was gardening in the beautiful sunny weather. Alaskans on the other hand, we are not gardening-at least not outside.

We are trying to figure out what it is that we can do to get our spring on, even though it is dumping outside. Don’t get me wrong-we have many people here who are still embracing the snow, skiing, and winter abundance, but me? Well, I’m usually over it by April. This year though, Mother Earth has other plans for me because she is not just lightly dusting our roads; she is puking and screaming that our winter is clearly not over yet! How can you compete with that?

True. I signed up for Alaska and I am a committed, dedicated state citizen-addicted even. And for all of us out there that live in places where winter is long, and the other seasons are either absent or super short, we have reasons for living where we do. I am going to stand by those reasons, and maybe that means that I’m going to embrace yet another chance to love winter even though my bones are screaming for heat. That just might be how I’m going to get my spring on this year.

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