Evening Skis in Anchorage, Alaska and Wrong Turns

View from Lynx Trail, Campbell Airstrip Park
View from Lynx Trail, Campbell Airstrip Park

Because I work at a school, I am in the beautiful zone called winter vacation right now and that means a lot of things, but one thing I for sure try to do is ski more. Tonight was not a good photography session for me though so I’ll try to do better for you next time.

I live pretty close to a popular ski park where they have multi-use trails. Sometimes, I can ski straight from my house. For those of you who aren’t captured by the world of skiing yet, that means that you can cross-country ski, skate ski, bike, run, skijor, and even walk your horses on them. Basically, the trails are open to everyone. The Campbell Airstrip section runs adjacent to another park known as the North Bicentennial Park-both parks are amazing, and free to the public.

For tonight’s ski, I elected to take one of my favorite loops in the city as I haven’t been able to ski much thus far, and was craving the area. For this route, I headed south on Lynx Trail to get to Coyote Trail. I took that to Viewpoint Trail, and followed it around to Old Rondy. Viewpoint is awesome because it has a gradual climb, sometimes offering a view, and then a great downhill before heading into another flat, beautiful tree zone. Now while that may make me sound semi-intelligent in the navigational sense around here, this is where a wrong turn took place. Before I explain what I did, you should know that even though I’ve skied on these trails a million times, I still tend to get lost, and not just in this park either. Going between the summer view mapping and then the winter view mapping makes many of the parks very confusing. Some parks have great signs while others need more.

Bicentennial Bridge
Bicentennial Bridge

Instead of getting on Moose Meadow Trail, which returns you to the Smokejumper trailhead, where you park your car, I went down the Homestead trail, thinking it was going to intersect Moose Meadow, but it didn’t. I ended up going and going, until I saw the main road by my house called Dowling. Just prior to that, I was beginning to wonder if it would intersect anything anytime soon because it is a fairly popular dog musher trail. The cool part is that it follows under the roadway, and runs close to my neighborhood on the other side. It’s another route I could take without having to drive my car anywhere.

Homestead Trail
Homestead Trail

That is another cool aspect of skiing. Even with trail systems, there is always an adventure to be had, and while I’ve learned all of the above trail names, and directions of many of them, I can still appreciate the wrong turns of my skiing. That is, after all, what I did many, many times in order to learn some of my favorite routes. I look forward to another chapter tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy holidays to everyone.

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