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A Life Motto and Creativity

Ha, as I struggle writing my post about creativity and the irony of it all, I’ve been randomly posting things that are catching my attention.

Ruth Branum, 104, is on the left, and is with her sisters who are also over 100. I think I’m going to steal Ruth’s life motto:

“My motto in life has been, ‘I would rather wear out than rust out.’”




A Map of all the Places in the U.S. Where Nobody Lives



This post is by Jenny Xie





A Quick Peek at Savannah, Georgia-a gem of a place to swing through!

It had been years since I visited Savannah, Georgia and I was in a total different state of mind at that point in my life! Savannah is a mini-New Orleans with its own set of mood swings, music options, fantastic weather, and loads of food and bevis to be had! I love the place!

Here is a glimpse of my recent swing through weekend in Savannah, Georgia along with some suggestions.

River Street

Tourist Destination? Yes. Worth it? Yes.

River Street View from Rooftop Bar in the Bohemian Hotel

River Street View from Rooftop Bar in the Bohemian Hotel

Into strolling through parks for people watching, musical souls of variety, farmers’ markets, etc?

Forsyth Park in Savannah will meet all of those needs! Plus, if you’re into trees, shadows, and Spanish Moss as much as I am, you will dig taking pictures here. Granted, you have to stomach the fact that the Confederate Memorial is also located there; however, as tempted as I was to take pictures of the southerners that was sporting confederate clothing, and painting the rusted fence that surrounds the memorial, I didn’t. It’s a part of our history. It is what it is.

P1050337Forsyth Park Continue Reading>

Catching Spring Skiing in Hatcher’s Pass, Alaska

Yes, the sun has arrived, and is just busting through day after day! No complaining on my part, that’s for sure!

Happy spring everyone!

Me at Independence Mine

Me at Independence Mine

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Finding Mexico in Chacala, Mexico

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Mexico! I have some more pictures coming on the food (I love Taquerias!) as well as the festival de musica that we got to catch, which featured loads of traditional music. If you are interested in still grabbing local culture while you’re traveling, check out the many quaint options very north of Puerta Vallarta in the state of Nayarit, but avoid Sayulita! The gringos are taking it over as well. It was cool to hang with locals who were on vacation enjoying their own neighborhoods in their own ways. No surprise that this included a lot of food and music!

I’ve also included a 10 Items or Less list. If you are interested in learning more about them, go here.


P1050101 Continue Viewing>

Swills and Spills at the longest classic ski race in Alaska, the OOsik!

I wrote about the Oosik last year too, but I have to say that this year’s course was nothing in comparison because we had hills, we had spills, and we had general idiots on those trails! This race is for all walks of life, in costume, not in costume…skier…..don’t have a clue how to ski? In Talkeetna, Alaska, none of that matters. The town is full of happy people; I can’t ever recall running into an asshole in Talkeetna. In most towns, even in the intoxicated sense, you will run into unhappy folks, but for whatever reason, Talkeetna is immune to those types. Combine that toxicology with people who love skiing and you’ve got magic on your hands!

Highlights from this year’s race:

  • Watching people fall down, a lot, and enjoy themselves nonetheless
  • The station with the dog Gus and perfect homebrew at 20km (the race was over at 25). I call that excellent timing.
  • Costume theme teams seemed to be popular this year, much more so than last: Guinness, Rainbow Brite, Cowboys…you name it!
  • I shaved 40 minutes off of my time from last year
  • The hills and tree paths of this year’s technical course
  • The lady that had the outdoor speaker hip belt system playing 80s music, and Led Zeppelin
  • Pure beauty of nature and sun

Happy Spring everyone!


The start and finish line!

The start and finish line!

Feed Station #1

Feed Station #1

Beer Station, 20k

Beer Station, 20k

The gang-Oosik 2014!

The gang-Oosik 2014!

All done!

All done!

Welcome home-March 2014!

Welcome home-March 2014!


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